AJ McLean And Sarah’s Bloopers From VH1 Rock & Roll Wedding

Contributed by elgato:

Serena from DLSOnline.net says, “I’d like to share with all of you what happened during the filming of VH1’s Rock and Roll Wedding. I got to assist to the filming of this program, so I will tell you some of the things that happened on that day. For those of you who don’t know about this program, it followed some famous couples while they were working on wedding plans. AJ McLean and were among the couples in this episode.” In the first outtake, Sarah got AJ good. In the second outtake, AJ got Sarah back. Read on for a summary of the outtakes.

1) AJ and Sarah had to taste different foods for their wedding. While they were looking at the different dishes, Aj came upon some spicy oysters. He challenged Sarah to taste them, but she said “no way”. So he insisted: “For me! Cmon’, do it for me!” So AJ puts some of the spicy oysters on a piece of bread, and she takes a little bite of it. She said it tasted really bad, so Aj tells her that it’s because it’s better with some tabasco sauce on it, so he adds some, and shoves the whole thing into his mouth. His face turned red, and he screamed “Good God, this is hot!” He then drank some water, and since that made it even worse, he went over to the pastries, and shoved some in his mouth. Everyone was crying of laughter.

2) At another time, they were entering a lingerie store, so that Sarah can pick out some outfits, and see how Aj reacts to them.Aj was walking behing Sarah while they were going into the store, and he put some ice down her pants, so when she would walk in, the camera would get a shot of her wet butt. That shot became an outtake, of course, and they had to reshoot that scene again, but everyone had a big laugh once again.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the comedian side of AJ!

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