AJ McLean Attends Howie’s Lupus Fundraiser In LA

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This weekend Howie Dorough of the Backstreet Boys held a fundraising event titled ‘Take A Strike With Howie D.’ for the Dorough Lupus Foundation. The event provided guests with a top-notch breakfast followed by an auction and a game of celebrity bowling. Celebrities included AJ McLean, Melissa Joan Hart, Stephen Baldwin, members of Dream, Ryan Starr, Alfonso Ribiera from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Soluna, Mike Mizanin from The Real World: New York, and more. Read on for a fan review.

“I am back but I dont have time to get into much detail since we are off to the Nick Carter concert. Howie is so wonderful he greated each and everyone of us at the door and we all sat and ate breakfast. Then it was time for the bowling to begin. Lots of celebs there bowling with us. Scott Grimes is just the greatest person. He was on our team with us and was just a hoot. AJ droped a bowling ball on his foot! That was really painful! After the bowling the auction started. Plenty of great prizes to bid on encluding the shoes Howie bowled in! LOL I ended up bidding againts Howie for a bowling pin autographed by all the celebs who were there. I let him win and bid on the second one the offered. He personalized it for me and say “do you realize there are only 2 of these pins in the world that will exist and I own one and you own the other!” LOL He even sang “What makes you different” to one of my best friends Evlyn. He greated everyone at the door as they left signed autographs and took pictures. We had a blast. There is more detail but this is all I have time to write for now. Anyone else who attended may be able to elaborate more.”

by ChristieChandler at MFC

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