AJ McLean Performs ‘Happy’ At Animal Avengers

Contributed by elgato:

Ajneriksgirl from the Backstreet Boys forum at LiveDaily.com reviewed the Animal Avengers charity event, in which AJ McLean and fiance Sarah Martin attended. Shannon Elizabeth, Sarah’s friend, hosted the event. They both worked the crowd. AJ was doing the running man. Then Kristin, Kevin’s wife, came and “started dancing her way up to Sarah! It was soo cute! They gave each other a big hug and then went backstage and Kristin went to the top level where she stayed till after Sarah and AJ performed.” AJ sang a cover song and then “he did ‘Happy’. Yes folks he did ‘Happy’! after that he did another original song which was about his life like the previous two, then ended his performance with oh-so-famous rendition of play that funky music white boy. Then Sarah came on and did her thing.” She performed 5 songs.

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