AJ McLean’s Looking Forward To Backstreet Tour Resuming

star AJ McLean’s mother Denise McLean checked in with visitors on her official website on Monday (January 2). “I want to with everybody a Happy 2006,” Denise writes. “Hello to all in 2006! your holidays were as blessed as mine. Had a wonderful time with my son home and spending some quality time with him. Alex is doing well and looking forward to getting back on the road with the boys for their upcoming tour of Asia and Australia in January.”

“Our holidays were quiet and with family. I cooked dinner for everyone on Christmas Day and we all laid around afterwards with full bellies and sleepy eyes. It was very relaxing.

“New Year’s Eve we spent again with family and did a wonderful ritual called the ‘Burning Bowl’. This is where you write down on a piece of paper, things you want to leave behind in the former year, you know, worries, bad relationships and such. Then you take the slips of paper and burn them in a fire safe bowl or in our case a small outdoor pit. You say a few words over the fire and let the items go, release them in your mind and heart. It is a very cleansing experience.

“For all of you I wish a happy and healthy 2006 and I will try to do better at answering your emails.

“Until next time.

“Be well!”

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