AJ McLean Meeting In San Diego – Worst Day Of My Life

Contributed Anonymously:

This is Myke, and I went to AJ McLean’s VH1 Save The Music meeting, where he’d be giving a donation. I went 2 hours early at 8:00 and didn’t go to my school, just so I could meet him. But they let me in the auditorium like 20 minutes early, so I just waited there, and he wound up entering through the schoolyard, which I wouldn’t have expected anyhow.

Anyway, I waited till the end of the meeting, and pulled out an import CD I bought last night just to get signed (I needed a BSB CD w/AJ in the center of the group pic) & a silver autograph pen I also bought last night.

He was just a foot above me, but moved to grab some hands & stuff. Then he reached toward me and looked directly at me…and some fat @## security idiot pulled my arms down, and shoved me into the crowd of screaming teenybopper girls who were smashed into each other. AJ left. Then the security a** hole dragged me into the office, and the principal tried to soak personal info out of me, so he could call my school & get me in trouble, and then threatened to call the cops for illegal trespassing.

That was an absolutely HORRIBLE experience, that made me want to crawl into a hole and die. But I was SOOOO close. He looked right at me and reached his arm out, but my arms were jerked down. I had been anticipated this moment for days, and I didn’t get to meet him or at least get an autograph, thanks to some idiot security guard. He didn’t want me to meet him just because I don’t go to that school, even though I’m a huge fan.

He wrecked my one chance at meeting my idol. The VH1 Save The Music foundation has already come to San Diego, and they won’t be coming back anytime soon.


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