AJ & Sarah Still Together Despite TRL Report

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Today on TRL, one of the VJs falsely reported that star AJ McLean and Sarah were over and that their wedding was cancelled. False. They are very much in love, that’s why they POSTPONED the wedding. [Admin Note: The person in charge of her Yahoo group did post that the wedding was ‘cancelled’, before later being told by Sarah that it was postponed.] They didn’t want to pull a ‘Jennifer Lopez’ and marry too soon. So the wedding is postponed. On her LovingSarah group at Yahoo, Sarah wrote today, “Alex was on the golf course preparing for his BIG TOURNAMENT. He keeps telling me to have you guys watch it cause I guess its gonna’ be televised…but I keep telling him…”baby, we don’t have a clue when its gonn’ be on”, so he said that he would call me tonight with all the details. Actually, when he was out there playing, I was listening to the radio and our Wedding Song,”Drops of Jupiter” came on so I called his voicemail and played it on there. He called me 20 minutes later crying. I was like “whats wrong,baby?” He said that song makes me cry. I said “honey, its STILL gonna’ be our Wedding song. Just not this Velentines Day,ok?? I mean, he still hasn’t seen my wedding dress, nor have I seen his suit….so we’ll both just have to wait,kid!!” Read on for her full message where she jokes saying that AJ left her Britney Spears.

Hey you guys…okay, I gotta’ tell you guys something very serious, and I wanted you all to be the first to hear about it. AJ has left
me for Britney Spears. I had a feeling that he was in love with her when he…..HA! I’m kidding, ladies! Its a joke!!!! Thats all we
need is another retarded rumor. Its just so stupid the way that people make up their own version of peoples lives, isn’t it? So how are you all??? I just started taking yoga, so needless to say…I’m frickin’ SORE! I’m getting all ready for the Viper Room show. Tomorrow I’ll be back in the studio cranking out two new smashes that are gonna’ groove,ladies!!! I took my Pappa (Grandfather) to the movies today. We saw “About Schmitt”…I knew he would love it, plus, I just don’t get to see him as much as I’d like to. So I DRAGGED him into the theatre..and we had a ball. Actually, earlier, befor I picked him up, I was in the car listening to the radio, and our Wedding song “Drops of Jupiter” came on, and I was
like…lemme’ call my honey and play it for him. But of course he was out on the greens, hitting sticks…so his voicemail came on.
And I just played it on his voicemail and hung up. He called me about 20 minutes later…crying. I was like “whats wrong,baby?’ and he said that hearing that song made him cry. I told him that its still gonna’ be our Wedding song, just not in a couple of weeks. Its gonna’ be that much more powerful when we do get married. He keeps telling me to ask you guys to try to watch the televised
tournament. And I keep telling him that we don’t know when it will air. So he said that he would call me tonight and let us all know.
The dogs are great…I’m doing great….and Sharon will be putting up some new songs and very cool new pix next week. So stay plugged in,aaaight?? Okay dokay…I am going into dreamland now. Have a wonderful evening and a very prosperous tomorrow. And know that we love you. And AJ and I intend on doing a little voice message for you all on the Loving Sarah Voicemail,ok? Hopefully, it won’t be anything stupid, like…”hey, come listen to our dogs howl!”

I miss you and think of each of you all the damn time. Many kisses…and lots of snuggly wugglies!!!! Sarah Jo Martin

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