Alanis Morissette Gets ‘Schizophrenic’ On ‘Chaos’

spoke with Blender magazine about her new album ‘So Called Chaos’, due early in February. “I love this record,” she gushed. “It’s quite schizophrenic style-wise, but that’s because I have schizophrenic tastes. I’m influenced by everything from hip-hop to heavy rock to light pop.” The singer also revealed plans to return to acting after releasing the album. “It’s called ‘Dharma Heart’,” she said, “and it’ll be improvisational, like [the films of British director] Mike Leigh.”

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One thought on “Alanis Morissette Gets ‘Schizophrenic’ On ‘Chaos’

  1. Darla McKinstry says:

    As much as I live your music Alanis, and you; it concerns me that you use the term “schizophrenic” so loosely. It is not about being politicaly correct, it is about knowledge of what it actually means. My step-son has schizophrenia. Not fun. It has nothing to do with different tastes in music.

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