Album Sales Do Not Make A Good Record

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There’s always this constant feuding among vs. fans, Backstreet Boys vs. *NSYNC, Justin Timberlake and why he’s this obnoxious specimen of a human being (ok even I have to admit, regardless, I bought the record). However the one thing that is brought up every time among the competition of these artists is the matter of album sales.

Sales do not show talent, vocal strength, flexibility, accredited lyrics and musical intelligence. They just show what’s “popular”, hence the term POP for many of the artists listed above. Their sales and themselves are popular because of sex appeal and mass media attention, even though few, some, but few possess a gift. Everyone’s opinion on what makes a good album is different, but an album is what it is: good music or bad music.

I bet many of the viewers on here have never read a sheet of music, taken a music class, nor had the drive or decency to take or be a part of any extra curricular activity involving music. Therefore, I feel as since you are ignorant of the subject your opinion is void. How can you critique an artist or music without understanding what you are hearing? How can you sit there and say this artist is better than that artist because of record sales? With all the hoopla and mass media attention, that doesn’t make up if you can hardly sing a note.

It’s sad music has come to that. For example, Britney…can’t hit a note except on a synthesizer. I feel bad for the girl, but the only reason she is what she is, is the fact her machine, mechanically invented music is popular. A person who writes and produced their own music such as artists , Vanessa Carlton, John Mayer, the Vines, the Hives, Maroon 5, Verbena (lets see if you’ve heard of this band), even those three blonde boys from Tulsa, OK , Hanson (give them some kudos as young as they were to write the cheesy song that got nominated for a Grammy-and many of you won’t admit you did like ‘Mmmbop’ at one time in your life possibly), will never get the accreditation based on talent merit because of the reflect of album sales. Sales do not emphasize true god given talent-period. Something just does not add up.

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One thought on “Album Sales Do Not Make A Good Record

  1. Anonymous says:

    Though I agree with the basic point, I don’t like the way the arrogant way this is written.

    Slightly harsh article for someone who is perhaps bitter that their favorite bands do not sell as much as pop artists. [“Verbena (lets see if you’ve heard of this band”]

    I have taken varous music classes over the years and I don’t think that someone’s opinion is void, just because they haven’t taken any classes. Music is meant to appeal to the masses. You may not know what the particular writing technique is called but you will know whether that technique works or not. If an author uses a Deus ex Machina, while I could name it and explain why it’s such a terrible thing to use and why that shows that the particular author who used the Deus ex Machina is terrible, you could probably just say “I thought it wasn’t good” or “it didn’t feel real” or something. You don’t need to know all the technicalities of something to know if it is a hack or not. Sometimes terrible ones make it through the net, like Justin Timberlike (or in the literary world Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight uuurrrgh!) but you have to learn (if not admire) how they have managed to manipulate their audience.

    I think we all know that artists are popular due to the marketing people (sometimes that can fail – see Leona Lewis, who has EXTENSIVE marketing, hell see anyone Simon Cowell has ever talked to). I think it’s important that the artist knows what the hell they’re doing. You wouldn’t expect an author to just write, you’d expect the author to research their material, know their target market, THEN start writing accordingly. I don’t understand why talented singers, who never bother to write/set up an image for their target market, complain why they’re not selling records. A wealthy female teenager who is into Gucci is probably not into Deep Purple, no matter how talented they are. She’ll probably be into Christina Aguilera. This is why Michael Jackson was so good. He’d write a lot of songs for one album then he’d pick the ones he wanted on his album according to his target market. It is up to the artist to define themselves and their market and it’s up to the marketing people to get the message across.

    I also think we all know that you must have a smidgen of talent to enter the music industry. Yes Britney Spears does use machines and proabably can’t sing very well anymore but she still did have a bit of skill in her early days (see starsearch, YouTube it.) so with a little work with a vocal coach she could repair whatever damage she has done to her cords. The technique is still there but it’s the damage that stops her from singing. Everytime I hear Justin Bieber’s “Baby” I want to throw myself off a cliff. It isn’t just the simplicity of the rhymes which drive me crazy, it’s the autotune. as much as I hate to admit it (especially after hearing that song) he can sin. He can also play instruments. Again, his older clips are on youtube. No-one would get someone who has no talent because teaching them to do the basic things of singing – like preserving your voice – will be too costly.

    I also disagree with the idea that only people who write/produce their own music have talent. Opera stars do not write or produce but they certainly are as good as (if not better than) the artists that you mentioned. Their instrument is different. And you can tell who is a good opera artist and who isn’t because of the way they interpret the music. Diana Damrau’s and Natalie Dessay’s ‘Glitter and be Gay’ is going to be different because of the way they interpret it.

    – you do need a bit of talent to be in the music industry,
    – you need to know your target market and act accordingly.

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