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answered several fan questions posed to him on his Facebook, including queries about his label, returning to the blonde look he had while fronting The Calling, new music and favorite bands. Among the questions and answers:

Andrea: do you know when we can buy the new bracelets?
Alex: Still in the process of designing the line and figuring out the new details

Stephanie: Have you thought about opening your label to artists other than yourself?
Alex: Absolutely, but that will be sometime in the future.

Kristina: When are going to go back to being a Blonde?
Alex: No more blonde hair

Leslie: How are the tracks you are working on for Killer Tracks? Can’t wait to hear them! :)
Alex: Working on songs now! Gonna be really cool

Alan: Who is your favorite band?
Alex: Big fan of U2 and The Beatles, and thank you!

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2 thoughts on “Alex Band Facebook Chat

  1. Patricia says:

    Can I have a date with you ;)

  2. cheryl ann levesque says:

    Are you going to tour? I would love to see a show.

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