Alex Jones: Lindsay Lohan’s Problems Tied To Ritalin

Alex Jones - Lindsay Lohan

Conspiratorial radio host Alex Jones went on his YouTube channel today to explain why Lindsay Lohan, and by extension millions of Americans, are being poisoned with methamphetamine style drugs like Ritalin that cause brain shrinkage, heart problems and a myriad of other disorders. Alex also highlighted how serotonin-specific reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) prozac drugs are turning people into psychopaths and leading to a massive increase in suicides and other reckless behavior. “This is a plague upon all of us all,” Jones said. “This is a military industrial complex big pharma war against free humanity. The facts are in. We’re all victims of this, not just Lindsay Lohan.” Watch the commentary below.

Released From UCLA Medical Center

was released from her court-ordered rehab at UCLA Medical Center on Tuesday evening according to The 24-year-old entered the facility August 2nd to serve her 90-day sentence as ordered by Judge Marsha Revel, who has since recused herself from further proceedings related Lohan’s case.

Lohan signed discharge papers earlier in the day before later departing the center. In order to avoid the media frenzy, a decoy was created to help LiLo exit.

Kept Busy Writing Behind Bars

Lindsay Lohan used her time behind bars to brush up on writing, and TMZ has learned she plans on turning her work into a profit. The 24-year-old filled out ten composition notebook during her two week stint in jail, adding to the ten she has in a safe at home which she’s putting together to use in a book. The video report from TMZ at MySpace has since been removed.

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2 thoughts on “Alex Jones: Lindsay Lohan’s Problems Tied To Ritalin

  1. Carol says:

    I’ve been studying Lindsay’s situation because they seemed very familiar to me in comparison to my own life. I was diagnosed ADHD at 7 and medicated with Ritalin daily until I was 16 years old. I think her problems are like mine as I believe she became an addict through no fault of her own and POSSIBLY without her consent if she was very young when she started her own ADD diagnoses and treatment. Since I started taking it back in 1984 I believe the dosages came in only two sizes and may have contributed to my extreme response as I was always very little. I believe my mind was taught that the only way to be normal is to feel medicated…and is that so very farfetched? Those were my developmental years! Around the time I turned 29-30 I finally sought medical treatment for addiction to alcohol and recreational drugs and was diagnosed bi polar. After 3 years of being sick every moment of my life from the 20 different kinds of meds that I was given to find a proper balance(which is a story in it’s self) I finally sought treatment through alternative medicine and soon learned that I was NOT bi-polar but suffering from complications of Ritalin caused brain damage…I self medicated to create a feeling within me that TO ME felt normal and was necessary in order to maintain a stable mood. Bi-polar never fit all my problems and believing I was bi-polar did not help me fix my situation either. When I applied my own theory (because doctors WOULDN’T admit this was possible to me) I was able to fix every aspect of my life and make it into what I wanted it to be. I feel bad for Lindsay because she has this wonderful and creative potential but her addictions are limiting her…just as I felt I was limited due to my own addictions and was unable to hold a job, until recently, or graduate college. Mr Jones I know this to be true for me like I know the sky is blue…I’ve met others in my same boat who feel this is what happened to them AND I’ve met people who are addicts who have not made the connection yet. I must also admit that I have met people who nothing happened to. I’m angry that this happened to me but esp because the only medical treatment available to me only produced MORE MEDS…but meds got me into this mess in the first place! How could they fix it? Please keep sharing your message. It’s my hope that Lindsay will realize this for herself and start speaking out about it…I mean, what a personality! She could really make a difference educating people…parents and educators may actually listen! Thanks -Carol

  2. Carol says:

    Dear Mr Jones,

    I appreciate that you posted my comments. Thank you so much for that! I’m a little unhappy with Ads by Google, though, for putting a Kids’ ADHD Med Savings Discount Ad right under it. FML! LOL Have a blessed day! -Carol

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