Alex Roots Blogs About Opening For McFly

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@alexrootsmusic) on Thursday (April 23), talking about her experience opening for in Wolverhampton on Tuesday night. The 16-year-old pop singer writes:

So after my radio interview me and the gang (Gary, Dad, Justine) (<— VERY GLAMOROUS ENTOURAGE!) went and had some lunch and then made our way to Wolverhampton Civic Hall! It was crazy, there were some die hard fans who had been camping all night so that they could get a spot right at the front! I got my little McFly badge (which I am keeping forever by the way) and went into the venue where McFly were sound checking! I NEARLY CRIED, IT WAS LIKE A PRIVATE SHOW!!!! I got so over excited by the fact that McFly were so close performing to me... (WELL PROB NOT TO ME, PROBABLY TO THE VERY IMPORTANT MEMBERS OF THEIR TEAM WHO DEAL WITH THE SOUND... BUT I AM GOING TO CHOOSE TO IGNORE THAT!) that I took a photo and nearly got removed from the Hall.. Oh dear, not a good start for the Roots team I admit, but what can a gal do hey? So I went to my dressing room ... I had to walk past McFly's dressing room to get to mine! Did my sound Check and Danny watched the whole time (NO PRESSURE) Got changed and before I did my slot I went and met the band in their dressing room... They were such nice Guys and wished me the best of luck and said that they would try and watch from the side :)

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