Alex Roots Spends An 18 Hour Day Filming ‘Fake’ Video

Alex Roots rehearsing checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@alexrootsmusic) on Thursday (January 29), talking about a long day filming her ‘Fake’ video. The UK pop singer writes:

So yesterday on 28th I shot my music video for ‘Fake’ and it was the one of the BEST days of my little little life! It was an 18 hour day, but I kept strong with coffee and bananas! We took loads of videos and we are going to attempt editing them on Tuesday so that you can see all the behind the scenes footage! I won’t tell you what happens in the actual video yet because hopefully we will have my music video within two weeks! So you can find out then!

All I will say is this….. There were dogs, snakes, disco balls and lots of eye lashes!

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