Alexa Ray Joel: My Skin Hasn’t Thickened Enough To Read Blogs

checked in with fans on her Facebook on Wednesday (April 14), discussing her upcoming album, starring in a new Prell commercial, and her disdain for blogs. The daughter of Billy Joel writes:

By the way… I’m NEVER looking at any blogs, EVER again!! They’re too brutal, and my skin still hasn’t thickened enough yet. Still, it’s almost a good thing, in a perverse way– because the more they condescend to me and aggressively compare me to my parents, the more I feel the need to prove to the world that I do in fact have a sound, voice, style, and look that is all my own. I’m learning to let the criticism actually fuel me, and motivate me to just keep working HARDER and HARDER. Actually, I’m working SO hard (and so is my incredible producer, “go-to” everything guy, and my amazing band-trust me!), that the album is actually almost done!!! So, with luck, we’ll make our June 10th release date, right on schedule. (Actually, I shouldn’t say “album”– it’s technically an EP, which is a slightly shorter-length album– but it will seem like an album to you guys because there’s no shortage of material– lots of variety and we’re even throwing some raw acoustic versions of songs into the mix– I’ll be doing a bonus track of “Invisible” that will feature solely my piano and vocals).

Check out the entire post here.

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