Alexa Ray Joel Records 8 New Songs

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@alexarayjoel) on Thursday (January 15). The daughter of Billy Joel tells readers:

I know I haven’t been on here for a while, and I apologize… I REALLY don’t want you guys to think I’ve forgotten about you (I have NOT!); but I’ve been EXTREMELY busy lately….

For instance, last month I performed on the popular morning show “..Good Day in New York”; (Did anybody catch that? My first morning show EVER!! It was a challenge, but not as bad as I thought it would be). I performed my original funk-tune “Not Alright” and my rendition of “ Christmas”, which aired on Christmas Morning.

And–(you guys will be VERY happy to hear this)– I JUST finished recording 8 original songs at MISSION RECORDING STUDIOS in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (New York) ***(By the way, anyone in the New York Area looking to record a GREAT, WARM, BEAUTIFUL sounding record (that’s pretty much everyone, right?)–GO THERE. The engineer, Oliver, is incredible; his mixes sound like a record before they’re even officially mixed–the sound is that good). So, I will have some NEW RECORDINGS up on my page by February (they must be mixed first!); and I intend to make them purchasable and downloadable via iTunes. (Actually, everybody’s saying that these recordings sound so good that they should be my first record, so, we’ll see! I’m actually very open to that option.) I REALLY hope you guys enjoy them, and welcome ANY feedback whatsoever, once they’re up—I basically produced them myself (with a GREAT deal of help from my incredibly “musically tasteful” band-members!), so these are definitely the recordings I’m most proud of so far…

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