Alexis Strum’s Womb Tumor Successfully Removed; Album Nixed

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@alexisstrum) on Friday (September 8), after announcing in July she was having a tumor the size of a sixteen week pregnancy in her womb removed.

“My operation was very successful and I have been recuperating chez mes parents and taking it easy,” the 20-year-old singer/songwriter wrote. “It was so lovely to hear from you guys and gals, wishing me luck and sending me your nicenesses. So basically ‘Cocoon’ will not be coming out now. I have decided after this big life change that I need to address my priorities and do [something] different for a bit – time for a new challenge! Challenge Strum! Like Lisa Scott Lee before me, I shall rise again- hahahahahahaha. No but seriously, you are all so super fabulous- please stay in touch and swing by every so often as I will update the site with other tracks from ‘the album that never was’.”

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