Alison Sudol Safe And Sound After A Skunk Scare

A Fine Frenzy

Alison Sudol, better known as , shared an odd experience on Tuesday night (June 22) involving some skunks. Alison also had issues with a squirrel. The indie pop singer told her Twitter followers (@AFineFrenzy):

There is a squirrel the size of a house cat in my back yard. plumpy plumpy plumpkins! someone’s been nibbling on my avocados!

I am stuck in my car in my driveway, completely surrounded by skunks. Aaaahhhhhh!!!
safe and sound now. jeez louise, that was strangely scary.

@jwademezey there were only two, but they were trotting up to the car, tails up, and I thought for sure they were going to bring friends

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