All The Britney Spears Bashing

Contributed by bjspears8102:

Okay for the last two weeks people have been allowed to post some negative thoughts and opinions about and I haven’t seen any positive feedback from Britney fans. And that makes me wonder if there are any still out there. So the reason I’m writing this is because I just may be the only who still supports Britney 100% no matter what she does. From the time Britney made her entrance into the music industry people have had something to say whether it’s good or bad. Even when she was wearing clothes, people thought her image was too sexy. So the girl has had to put up with crap since day one, and it still continues right now. As you guys read this I want you to imagine that you are Britney for one week (that being a week when she has just broken up with her longtime boyfriend of *NSYNC, about to have a movie released to the big screen, a new album released, and a upcoming tour in the works, and media frenzy over just kissing Madonna, and tons of bad reviews from critics about her movie and album). But while doing this I want you to realize that this is a 21 year old girl, who takes all this in on her own in front of millions of people on a daily basis. And once you’ve done that tell me if you feel the same way about her.

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11 thoughts on “All The Britney Spears Bashing

  1. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Okay seriously these rats (Britney fans) need to chill out and forget about Britney. Don’t worry rats her career is continuously fading… Britney fans: Idiots Retarded MISTAKES Poor Cheap Uneducated Ignorant Low class people Maniacs Abnormal Mongoloid looking people Water allergic Some are nipple less And most of all… TEENYBOPPERS !

  2. weebongo says:

    Theirs been allot of Britney bashing for the last couple of weeks because her new song is a piece of crap you dumb idiot. Madonna won’t be able to save this not even some great producers could. The problem is the lyrics are so retarded that nothing can be done to make it decent. The only thing that could help is if someone did a dub remix. Britney should never write another lyric in her life again. Britney wants to be taken seriously as a musician so she thinks she has to write her own lyrics to accomplish that. Big mistake, now she’ll never be taken seriously when people read her dopey lyrics.

  3. rachel says:

    I mean why can’t we bash her if she sucks!!!!! People bash other artists all the time and you don’t see us writing a freaking essay about it. Y’all need to chill!

  4. HoneyRain says:

    4 words for you: GET USED TO IT!!!!!!!!!! the reason Britney has been getting bashed lately is because Britney has tarnished her pageant perfect image lately.. she has done some naughty things and while she should be able to do it without getting bashed (she is an adult), we live in a society that isn’t comfortable with strong, sexual females… I can’t believe you’re even surprised.. look at the reaction Christina got.. it seems that people will NEVER let her live down “dirrty” and I don’t think people are ever gonna let Britney live down the Madonna thing.. something I’ve noticed about people.. they can think you’re the best person in the world and that everything you do is great.. but once you do ONE thing to turn them off.. they start finding EVERYTHING wrong with you.. yes it’s stupid but that’s just the way it is.

  5. babet says:

    If Britney stopped pretending like she’s a singer……..then maybe people would get off her back. besides she brought this on herself. unless she pulled all those publicity stunts by accident……i don’t see why I should feel sorry for her….. maybe if she wasn’t in the media so much….she wouldn’t have to suffer all this bashing in front of the public’s eye. its her choice. she should have taken a REAL break.

  6. JuniorGirl04 says:

    “And once you’ve done that tell me if you feel the same way about her.” Hmmm. Yep. She’s not the only celebrity (notice I didn’t say artist) out there that deals with all the things you’ve mentioned. They’re human just like us, and they ALL deal with that stuff, a heck of a lot better than she does. She’s not special. You go ahead and support her 100% (although a true fan is someone who respects an artist, not worships the ground they walk on…even celebs make bad decisions/moves), but don’t think she’s anything more than she is. Your average 20-something year old..except she’s exposed to the public (mostly of her own making, even though she wants a “private” life) and loaded. The first thing she needs to do is keep her business to herself and concentrate on her music…something she’s never done. She’s an image, not an artist. If she can’t handle criticism, stay out of the spotlight.

  7. SJ says:

    Who ever wrote this bullcrap needs to shut the f**k up. US MARIAH FANS ain’t bitching about people talking crap. We reply giving them positivity in their life. :)

  8. Camillian says:

    I’m a 100% Britney fan! I’ve loved her since the baby one more time. I will support her in whatever she does! I mean you gotta deal with it she ‘s not that little girl anymore she a woman now. The media just wants all the bad stuff on the artists. Her new image isn’t just of selling records it’s being a fun thing and being sexy. She’s doing what exactly what she wants to do. And following her dreams. And I don’t know why people just have to give her negative stuff. If you were a true Britney fan you would know what I’m saying. The kiss with Madonna was a Performance not anything personal. She has a her own style and loves shocking people. I think that Britney is very strong from dealing with this crap. I don’t care if people dis me for liking her music! I’m gonna stand by her! So people cool down and deal with her new style!

  9. jazzprofounder says:

    “From the time Britney made her entrance into the music industry people have had something to say whether it’s good or bad.” I don’t hate Britney with a passion…neither do I like her for what she does for a passion…but what she gives to the media and to her fans is nothing special in my eyes, and lately, to many other people also. Sure, she’s been through lots of crap when she first came out and still is, but who ever said that a celebrity life was easy for anyone, she’s not the only one. It’s especially hard when a celebrity puts themselves into the human black hole of celebrity. It’s nobody’s fault but themselves. The more a celebrity puts itself in the spotlight, the more people are gonna shove negative remarks in their face…and whose fault is that…just the celebrity. So its no point of making Britney look like she’s the victim, the fans made her who she is today, that’s all that really matters

  10. hotstuff says:

    its, the haters out weigh the fans on this site for any artist. that’s just how it is. I get sick of it here, the forums are better.

  11. Britney_rocks says:

    Britney is the best!!! I will support her always. people are so judgmental that they have to say stupid useless mean and hateful things towards someone who’s popular and talented and is an all around giving person to her community, and children and sick ones too. we don’t have many people like Britney who does all these wonderful things and gets respect by receiving awards like the Neil Bougart award for charity work. Britney is the best and is an ARTIST PERFORMER SINGER DANCER ACTRESS.

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