Alleged Britney Note: ‘Perhaps It Would Be Better If I Was Dead’

The Sun reports that a suicide note written by containing dark feelings of loneliness and despair at being unable to live up to family and fans’ expectations was found by a friend of the troubled pop tart just before her meltdown earlier this month. “The letter was very sad. Britney talked about her loneliness, how unfair life is and not being able to trust people,” a source close to Spears told the British tabloid. “She wrote about how she will never be what people want her to be. She said, ‘Perhaps it would be better if I was dead’.”

When the friend confronted Britney about the letter and pleaded with her to get some help, she laughed it off and said: “Everybody thinks about death.”

As for those believing she doesn’t care about her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James after blowing off her child custody case appearance on Monday, the insider added, “People think she doesn’t care but she loves them more than anything. The truth is she’s terrified of losing them and can’t face going to court. She doesn’t want to answer questions about her mental health and lifestyle.”

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