Allison Iraheta ‘Just Like You’ Photo Shoot Behind The Scenes

Allison Iraheta photo shoot‘American Idol’ alum is out with behind the scenes footage from the pop rock singer’s debut album ‘Just Like You’, out December 1st on Jive Records. In it, Iraheta is seen getting done up in rocker chic.

“It’s definitely who I am. It’s definitely what I’ve always listened to and grown up listening to, so we’re definitely going for the rock hard, edgy vibe,” Allison said about her rock, punk, pop style.

“Being on ‘Idol’ is definitely an experience of a lifetime,” she said about the show that launched her career. “Opened so many doors up for all of us. Here I am now, working on a photo shoot for the album. Pretty damn crazy.”

Watch the footage below the cut.

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3 thoughts on “Allison Iraheta ‘Just Like You’ Photo Shoot Behind The Scenes

  1. Mari says:

    This is not for the Friday I’ll be Over U video. This is from her album cover photoshoot.

  2. popdirt says:

    thanks. her PR sent it to me as from the video.

  3. Mari says:

    Oh, really? That’s weird. In PopEater they said it was the album photoshoot and it makes sense. It’s cool anyway, thanks for posting.

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