Allstar Weekend ‘Experience The Magic’ Tour Dates

Allstar Weekend

announced dates for their upcoming Verizon ‘Experience The Magic Tour’ which will be hosted by Emily Osment. The pop rock group announced the first of their free shows, March 6th in San Diego, during their recent Radio Disney Takeover. Radio Disney premiered their new single ‘A Different Side of Me’, which is featured on ‘Radio Disney Jams 12’ as well as on the soundtrack to and in the upcoming Nicolas Sparks film ‘The Last Song’, starring Miley Cyrus.

The Verizon ‘Experience The Magic’ tour is in support of Verizon’s exclusive Mobile Magic Application, which helps guests navigate Disney Parks in Orlando and Anaheim. The dates are as follows:

March 6 Verizon Wireless – San Diego, CA
March 14 Stoneridge Mall – Pleasanton, CA
March 20 Mall of America – Bloomington, MN
March 21 Woodfield Mall – Schaumburg, IL
March 27 Plymouth Meeting Mall – Plymouth Meeting, PA
March 28 Freehold Raceway Mall – Freehold, NJ
April 10 Verizon Wireless – Houston, TX
April 11 Verizon Wireless – Plano, TX

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18 thoughts on “Allstar Weekend ‘Experience The Magic’ Tour Dates

  1. momo quiseng says:

    come to Florida!!!!!!!oh yeah and have fun XD

  2. kendall says:

    please come to Illinois again I could not go to your last concert there go to Waukegan or Gurnee Illinois please thanks love ya bye

  3. Kenzee says:

    I absolutely love you guys!! I live love and breathe your music! It would mean a lot to me if you came to Tulsa Oklahoma! I know at least half of my school would be there. I can’t wait! I listen to your music all the time. ‘Dance Forever’ is by far my favorite! I really hope you come see us! P.S. I will be getting VIP passes.

  4. catiee says:


  5. Kenzie says:

    Hey just wanted to say OMG! ; you guys are freaking awesome! I’ve seen all of your YouTube videos an they are pretty funny and totally awesome!! And I think I’d be the most absitively posilutely the bestest thing on earth if Allstar Weekend came to Winnipeg, Manitoba. Yeah, I know Canada is cold and all but Winnipeg, (the bestest city around) would love you here!!! <3 and I’d be pretty cool if there was a meet and greet also…and I really got to meet you guys.. Jk, totally joking but you know, if you really do wanna meet some fan with a really ig heart for Allstar Weekend, then that’d be pretty cool too :D so yeah !!

  6. Kenzie says:

    Hey just wanted to say: you guys ROCK!! , I have seen all of your YouTube videos :) and your music is absolutely fabulous !! ;D and I’d be the best most absolutely positively coolest thing ever if you guys came to WINNIPEG, MANITOBA:)

  7. Dylan says:

    please come to either Fort Worth or Dallas, TX because I looked at the tour dates and you weren’t even near there!!!

  8. Jessica says:


  9. Kelly says:

    We will set the stage and let the records play, on a Saturday, and we can DANCE FOREVER we will burn the lights that make to city sway and we can DANCE FOREVER! Oh my gawd! I love you guys so so much! Come to Salt Lake City Utah!!! Luv ya ZACH Cameron Nathan and Michael!!

  10. Mia Michaels says:

    Hey guys! I know it would be really cool for you to come to Nashville because everyone here loves you! please come to Nashville!

  11. Mariah Logan says:

    hey just wanna say you guys are the best band ever! I think you should totally come to Dallas because I live there! come on you know you wanna meet all the people @ my school!

  12. Neave says:

    I love ALLSTAR WEEKEND I saw them live at the Selena Gomez concert in London England I want them to come back to England because I wanna see them live again x

  13. savannah says:

    Thanks so much for coming to my school the little concert thingy was awesome haha. I love you!! and thanks for signing my jacket I love you guys <3 thanks
    -savannah <3

  14. jamie says:

    You guys are so cute! omg Nathan is so cute!

  15. miyah says:

    you guys suck eggs… just kidding take a joke! love ya

  16. jamie says:

    AH ha ha! Nathan is so cute!
    love ya

  17. Desiree says:

    I love you guys so much!!!!!! You guys are awesome I had a blast when you came to my high school in Waynesville Missouri. you guys should come again sometime. please. I really had a lot of fun and everyone is still talking about the concert and it was like 2 weeks ago. lots of love to all of you. Desiree

  18. lili keke says:

    hey you are the best Allstar Weekend I love your music it is nice love lil keke

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