‘Alpha Dog’ Q&A With Timberlake & Co-Stars

MTV News caught up with the stars of ‘Alpha Dog’, including , and asked the *NSYNC star about the reaction he got the first day on the set. “From day one, when we showed up, I think we all understood that we were there to work,” Timberlake said. “It’s easy to sort of say, ‘Oh, look at the musician slash rock star, he’s gonna be a prima donna.’ But you know, it would have been easy for me to say, ‘Look at these affected actors.’ I think we all came in for the same reasons. To do the work. And other than that, I got drunk every night on set.” Co-star Ben Foster added, “He comes in and he’s him. Take it or leave it. He’s a team player. He came in, worked harder than everybody. He didn’t need to but he did because that’s how he operates.” Read more.

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