Aly & AJ Amazed By Derby Square Bookstore In Salem, Mass.

Aly & AJ Michalka at Derby Square bookstore in Salem, MassachusettsAly & AJ’s latest YouTube video features the sibling musical duo at their dream bookstore – Derby Square Bookstore in Salem, Massachusetts. A man working at the store wasn’t happy to be videotaped after AJ asked if she could record him talking about how he could work in an environment which stacks books in such a hazardous way.

“This is where Aly and I are moving,” AJ said. “We are in Salem, Massachusetts. Aly and AJ here.” Aly continued, “We just randomly walked into this bookstore and found out this is how they keep their books.”

Watch it below.

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3 thoughts on “Aly & AJ Amazed By Derby Square Bookstore In Salem, Mass.

  1. Gaby says:

    That’s cool! they’re so cool! You guys should post more about Aly & AJ! They’re so AWESOME! their music is so honest true and well, mature, but not in a boring way!

  2. Jeff says:

    This is the way bookstores, particularly used bookstores used to be before the very clean Borders type of stores took over. The only thing missing here is a place to hang and read.

    The proprietors of the store are truly book nerds in a good way. They know pretty much every book ever put in print. Whether you have a recommendation for a book on a particular subject, or a specific book, they have heard of it and if it isn’t buried in the store (and available for sale at 50% off!!!), they’ll get it for you. Contrast that with most of the Borders type operations, even another bookstore in Salem’s sales help who rarely know what you’re talking about unless it’s a new bestseller.

    These older types of “mom and pop” businesses are quite rare and need to be supported. Those who are real bibliophiles absolutely LOVE these guys who own Derby Square Books because of the service they provide, not to mention the cool book you’ll come across because you’re forced to kind of rummage through the titles. Still, if you ask for a book, they’ll know EXACTLY where in the store it is located.

    Welcome to Salem!

  3. Dayna says:

    I lived in Salem last year, and I went to this place about once a week. he told me once in a while a stack falls, they just put it back together. the place where you buy your books is literally a hole between the stacked volumes. I loved this place. When in town, go to Jaho coffee on Derby. (There is only ONE Starbucks in all of Salem but about 20 Dunkin Donuts!)

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