Alyssa Milano May Sue Over Justin Timberlake Photos

Alyssa Milano has commented to Entertainment Weekly about the photographers to shot pictures of her and leaving the star’s home. “He’s a lot more used to it than I am,” Milano said. “If celebrities walk down a red carpet, paparazzi should be allowed to take pictures. If we’re walking out of our homes, I am totally against it.” Milano, who has sued a webmaster in the past for posting nude pictures of her, says she’s considering a lawsuit in this latest case of invaded privacy.

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5 thoughts on “Alyssa Milano May Sue Over Justin Timberlake Photos

  1. britfan says:

    That seem like she admit that they’re dating. I don’t think she should sue, because it wouldn’t do her any good. Look at Britney, the media and the tabloid do worst to her and she didn’t sue. If both of them come out and said they’re together, than the tabloid and the media probably would leave them alone. They’re not the big couple like him and Britney.

  2. gwen says:

    I seriously don’t think that they are a couple. I remember her saying just because you see someone coming out of a person(s) home doesn’t mean that you are dating them. If he is dating her or whoever, it’s his business. If he says that he is single, well I believe Justin until he says differently.

  3. RED_ELMO says:

    Who cares What Alyssa does . I guess she is ashamed of people finding out she is dating Justin , or probably Alyssa might be dating someone else and doesn’t want that person to find out about whats happening. It could be either way.

  4. gwen says:

    I think that this is totally different from Justin and Britney dating rumors before they came out. I really think that he seen with other people to cover who he is actually seeing. I definitely don’t want to say her name to start another rumor about who Justin is dating, but I still say that is single and just dating around.

  5. BuffyFan says:

    It sucks when celebs can’t have any privacy but unfortunately that’s a price they have to pay for doing what they love.

    As for the whole “she should have known that her nude pics would surface online”…. she didn’t pose for them. They were pictures of a movie she filmed and the webmaster used vidcaps on his website. Also the main reason why she sued was because the guy was charging people.

    I agreed with her on the nude pics but I’m not sure about this lawsuit.

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