Amelle Berrabah Discusses Heartbreak Of Sister’s Rape Claim

star Amelle Berrabah opened up to The Sun about the rough 14 months she’s endured with boyfriend Freddie Fuller due to the accusation by her younger sister Samiya made, claiming that Freddie and three pals of raped her after a night out. “People need to know the truth about what really happened and that Freddie is completely innocent,” Berrabah said. “We’re emotionally drained, we are physically drained, we can’t do any more. We can’t mentally take it anymore. We just want to move on, leave it all behind us. I still love her to bits you know – she is still my sister. I know Freddie doesn’t like to hear it. I just can’t let the entire world think my boyfriend has done something he hasn’t.” Read more.

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