‘American Idol’ ‘Role Model’ Sweetheart Gets Booted

Globe magazine spoke with 17-year-old contestant Heidi Hall, whom Simon Cowell praised saying, “ has made a decision to be a complete slut as a role model and you’re not.” Well, Heidi didn’t make the cut down to the final 32, but she says, “I was really disappointed, but I didn’t break down and cry.” Hall added, “It was the experience of a lifetime and I still want to pursue a career in music. But in the meantime, I’m planning to go to college next year and study to be a corporate lawyer.”

Tuesday’s ‘American Idol’ Highlights

Extra TV has a look at the key highlights of Tuesday’s edition of ‘American Idol’, where Simon Cowell sniped over Patrick’s suit, only to have Patrick’s father come out to defend him. Meanwhile, Randy Jackson got in a few barbs himself. He says, “Someone said to me the other day, ‘Don’t you feel bad when they’re crying?’ Hell no!” Video has since been removed.

Fans Fume As ‘Bachelorette’ & ‘Idol’ Run At Same Time

February 4, 2003 – Fans of ‘The Bachelorette’ and ‘American Idol’ have been frustrated since both shows have been running at the same time. “Everybody I know likes both shows,” Mary Lombardi explained to the New York Post. “I have to keep clicking back and forth and, inevitably, you miss stuff. When that happens, I curse out everyone I can. How could you do this?” During the two weeks of head to head action, ‘American Idol’ has been the big winner.

Simon Cowell Gives Jordan His Number

February 2, 2003 – The Sunday People reports Jordan is said to be thrilled that Pop Idol / judge Simon Cowell gave her his number at the spoof LWT Luvvies Awards. Seems the busty model is desperate to get a record deal.

Simon Cowell Frustrated With Stephan & Alden

January 31, 2003 – Extra TV caught up with Stephan Franklin and Alden Wynn who were booted off ‘American Idol’ last week in large part because of their partying the night before their performance. Simon Cowell also weighed in on their drinking incident saying, “I don’t look at myself as the dad and not the teacher. I was just frustrated for them that they had blown an opportunity because they only had to stay in one more night and do the audition. If they got through they could have celebrated.”

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