‘American Idol’ Star Clay’s Painful Family Secret

Star magazine spoke with pals of Clay Aiken’s father Vernon Grissom, who hasn’t spoken to his son in nearly 10 years. “They haven’t talked since Clay’s 15th birthday in 1993, and I know it just tears Vernon up inside,” revealed an insider. The source of the pain was when Grissom and Clay’s mom, Faye, went through a difficult divorce when their son was just 3. “We believe Faye’s bitterness about their split led her to poison Clay’s mind about Vernon,” said a friend.

Sidesteps Gay Question

June 4, 2003 – Billy Masters of Filth2go.com reports that at the post ‘American Idol’ finale press conference, a reporter from a nationwide gay publication said to Clay: “A lot of your fan base thinks you’re gay. Any comment on that?” Aiken looked out at the press corps and responded, “Next question.”

Frenchie Davis Cites ‘Double Standard’ For ‘Idol’ Ouster

June 4, 2003 – The New York Post chatted with ousted ‘American Idol’ Frenchie Davis about the fact that she was booted from the show after ‘Idol’ producers found she had posed for a Web site that catered to dirty old men. “Anyone with a brain can’t possibly look at this and say it was fair – no one,” she tells The Post. “There was definitely a double standard… If I was a typical, thin hot chick, I wouldn’t have been kicked off the show.” The Broadway singer added, “I don’t know what the new owners turned it into, but when I was working for the Web side, I was not naked, it was not pornography and we never promoted ourselves as under the age of 18.”

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