Amesbury Boys & Girls Cover ‘Boys And Girls’ By Pixie Lott

Amesbury Preparatory School in Surrey are out with a cover of Pixie Lott’s song ‘Boys and Girls’. 200 kids from the school performed the song which is available at iTunes. “Wow, a few people have been telling me about the video by Amesbury School so I just checked it out,” Pixie said. “I’m so moved by this – those kids are so talented and it’s for such a good cause. Definitely a cause I’d like to get involved with in the future! Everyone should download this version of ‘Boys and Girls’ and help raise money for this charity.”

That charity is Cardiac Risk in the Young, which the students chose because a former pupil passed away from an undetected heart condition. Watch the school’s video for the song via YouTube below.

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