Amy Lee Pens Ode To ‘Slutty Female Cracker Box Idols’

‘Everybody’s Fool’ eventually made it on to Evanescence’s debut album and was released this month as the fourth single, taking shots at pop tarts such as and Christina Aguilera. Singer Amy Lee talked about the message behind the video saying, “It was like five years ago that my little sister were getting into a lot of this — okay, I don’t want to say this to offend anyone, like really fake, cheesy, like slutty female cracker box idols. And it really pissed me off. She’s like 8 years old and started to dress like this her. I gave her the talk and I wrote a song. So it’s kind of about exposing, you know, that it’s fake and the video is more along the lines of exposing the real behind the scenes of some of these people. So it’s basically showing kind of a glamorous lifestyle and the depressed, selfish misery behind it.”

In the time since she wrote ‘Everybody’s Fool’, a lot of others, including blink-182 have spoofed the pop star image. “Now it’s like does, everybody has talked about this,” Lee said. “But it’s still relevant definitely, especially for female icons of our our age.”

Aside from from making a point, ‘Everybody’s Fool’ gave Lee a chance to have fun and do something different in a video. “There’s this one scene every time I see it I crack up with everybody on motor bikes,” Lee admitted. “And like, I take off the helmet and swish my hair like this and — like I’m promoting a cola. It kills me. It’s hilarious.”

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