Amy Lee Weighs In On Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera

Amy Lee of Evanescence was on 104 FM in Washington DC with Haber and Erin and weighed in on today’s crop of pop divas. “There are so many of these stupid pop divas that are really going down lately,” Lee said. “They’re going down, they really are. It’s not the big thing anymore. Like and all that, they don’t threaten me, they don’t bother me because they’re not talented… But Christina Aguilera, for example, is really talented. I think she has an amazing voice. I listened to that ‘Stripped’ CD, and I think the songs and her vocals are amazing. And I am so pissed off at her for being the ‘Queen Filthy McNasty’ because she doesn’t have to be. She could totally be like Aretha Franklin or something. She could rely on that talent and do great. She’s that talented so I think she could be really successful without completely making it like a porn star.” Lee also said she was “so pissed off” about the direction Jewel has gone on her new album. Audio has since been removed.

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12 thoughts on “Amy Lee Weighs In On Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera

  1. XtinaFan says:

    you know, one of the eighty million five hundred forty thousand nine hundred sixty things I love about Britney, is that she doesn’t diss other artists. neither does Xtina, and I completely respect that. they KNOW how it’s like to be in the business, they know how hard it is. they don’t diss other artists because they’re all in the same business. but I see that Amy Lee hasn’t been in the business long, so she doesn’t understand how hard it was and is for Britney. And Christina. also, another thing…is that I think it’s completely ignorant for a person to judge someone’s “amazing voice” by if they have a powerful voice or not. I love Britney’s voice. I always thought it was unique. Sure, it’s not the strongest voice ever, but it’s so beautiful. it’s just so nice to listen to. Christina has a powerful voice, but I can’t say that it’s beautiful. not my definition of beautiful. people’s voices shouldn’t be judged whether it’s powerful or not. that’s just stupid.

  2. blondeambiti0n says:

    Bless Amy Lee. She gets it. Christina doesn’t need that hoochie mama image to be successful, whereas Britney might. But I agree with you Xtinafan on Britney’s voice, it’s not the most powerful one, but it is unique. I don’t know what it is about Britney’s voice, but it has an edgy sound to it, it’s different, and that’s cool.

  3. babet says:

    I can respect her opinion. I love Amy she’s such an amazing singer songwriter (i think) and artist. she has her right to say what she wants to say about other artists just like the what the media does. and I guess what she’s saying makes sense. she wasn’t so quick to judge xtina. she took her time to listen to her album. and I’m glad she recognized xitna’s amazing talent. and sometimes I do wish that Christina went the classy way. she seriously could be the next Aretha……but then again Christina isn’t just being “nasty” to just put on a show for the media. that’s the way she is. that’s who she wants to be. when you see Christina in a cute little sexy outfit….you see Christina Aguilera. not some controlled pop tart. she’s a blooming artist trying to express herself.

  4. XtinaFan says:

    Saying someone’s voice is better because it’s more powerful is like saying that you’re a better person if you get higher grades on a math test.

    Also, Amy Lee shouldn’t tell Christina how to act. If Christina starts being like Aretha, that’s not who she is. Christina is being HERSELF right now, lesbian and walking around naked and everything, and she shouldn’t be fake. there’s too much fakeness in the mainstream industry anyway. it’s nice to see real people.

  5. Jrtlvr4ever says:

    Amy Lee needs to shut up look at in her video she’s dressed in a night dress and stuff so w/e and she needs to stop dissing Britney because Amy will never be as big as Britney or Christina..

  6. HoneyRain says:

    even though I’m a Christina fan.. I agree with what Amy is saying.. it’s perfectly okay to be sexy but sometimes I wish Christina didn’t take it to the level she has taken it.. however.. because I’m her fan I will love her no matter what because it’s all about the music.. and as long as she’s making great music.. I will keep listening

    people are always talking about how Christina has this dirrty whorish image because of her video “dirrty”.. but they completely ignoring her other videos.. it’s just like she never released beautiful or fighter.. when she did the whole gothic thing.. no one started labeling her gothic or a devil worshipper or anything like that.. and no one praised her much for her very conservative (on her part) image in her video for Beautiful.. so why is everyone stuck on “dirrty”.. can we not get pass that? she doesn’t even dress or act that way when she’s “out and about” she wears normal clothes like the rest of us.

  7. nunzillabreathesfire says:

    God, all this “so and so is being “HERSELF”‘… give me a break! A gun-toting school bully could be described as being his own self. Anyone doing anything could be described in such a way, and it’s a pretty paltry defense of someone’s behavior/image/actions. Christina is an amazing artist, but for her to say her act is “being herself” is a ridiculous statement. She recognizes that her slutty videos and dress and negative portrayal of women is what sells in the media now a days, and while she could be called a shrewd businesswoman for that, she cannot, in my opinion, be lauded or praised. And the “being herself” bull***** just won’t do. By sticking with her voice and ignoring the fact that pervy sex sells at the moment, she would win my total, 100% approval. At the moment she has just 60%. Just my two cents.

  8. EvanescenceSucks says:

    Amy Lee strikes me as a bit hypocritical. She said once in a MTV interview that she’d never show off her boobs, but she showed up to the VMAs wearing a low cut corset that would have been really indecent had she not let her long hair cover her breasts up. She is a talented girl but her band sounds like every other nu-metal band on the radio, and Evanescence definitely wouldn’t have made it big if they didn’t have a cute face to put on their album cover. If Amy were hideous then I doubt they’d be where they are today.

    Also, Amy doesn’t really have a right to say that an artist is “going down”… her band has had ONE album out, which consists of songs that they worked on for YEARS, and has only released TWO singles so far… who is to say that their next single or next album isn’t going to flop? Eventually the gimmick of “cute girl fronting a nu-metal band” is going to lose its novelty, just like the whole blonde bubblegum pop singer did.

  9. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    Ok, I like Evanescence, not a big fan of none of the divas she mentioned, but Amy Lee has NO RIGHT to be commenting on what other people should be doing with their career! She seems more than a bit stuck-up.

  10. hotstuff says:

    ok….Amy has a rite to an opinion and to voice it, but she has not room to b talking sh** about them when she’s been out for less than a year. when you’ve been in the business for as long as Brit/Tina have and have seen all the criticism, flack & judgement they get from people then maybe she can talk. most of the us here are fans of Brit/Tina and we’ve seen them evolve and go through all the stuff. but what pisses me of about this whole thing is how some newbie thinks that she can just come here and badmouth people who are almost vets of the biz. She shouldn’t even b talking smack about them because she’s not even in the same league Brit/Tina. and what exactly is TALENT to her, having the powerful vocals because if that’s all that talent is to her in the music industry than I guess she doesn’t have it.

  11. whatever says:

    ”Britney Spears and all that, they don’t threaten me, they don’t bother me, because they’re not talented”neither do you Amy , you suck , your music sucks , so shut up already!!!

  12. Kathorin Song says:

    Amy Lee’s Song “Bring Me To Life” acually saved me from suicide, so BACK OFF!!

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