Amy Macdonald Gets A Personal Invitation To Meet With U2

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@amymacdonald) on Wednesday (February 25), talking about her recent appearance at the Echo Awards in Germany, where she got the chance to meet with Lionel Richie and U2. The Scottish singer songwriter tells readers:

So once I was finished with the red carpet I went inside the arena. Tina, who works for my German label, told me she had something for me. It was a piece of cardboard with a note saying ‘Amy come and say hello to your fan club’ signed Bono, The Edge, Larry and Adam. I couldn’t believe it. I was completely shell shocked! U2 wanted to meet me!!! Pete(my manager) and I basically stood in silence for about 10 minutes, not knowing what to say.

We went to the side of the stage to watch U2 perform. They were amazing. About 5 minutes later their PA came to find us and said that the note was an invitation and we should come and say hello. We were frantically trying to get Sarah to come down as she was the only one with a camera, she was running all over trying to find us and luckily she got there in time.

We went into their dressing room and I was so nervous. I couldn’t quite believe it. We all said hello and I was just so shocked that U2 actually knew who I was. Larry seemed to know the most and was talking to me about my videos and said that he thought it was brilliant that I was doing my own thing and wasn’t like any of the other female artists that are around just now. He said he thought it was wonderful that I was so unique. I’m still in total shock. Pete explained to Bono how we all met and how everything had started. We were in there for about 30mins just talking and drinking. All of the guys were so nice, and so down to earth. They were all joking and taking the piss out of each other :-) We talked about The Killers and the Kings of Leon, 2 of my favorite bands who have both toured with U2. I was gutted I had to leave, but I was due on stage very soon. I asked if we could get a quick picture and it turned out so well, which I was happy about.

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  1. dp says:

    U2 is COOL.

    origdjeh1 on utube

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