Amy Macdonald Prefers New York To Los Angeles

checked in with fans from Amsterdam on her blog at MySpace (@amymacdonald) on Thursday ( 11). The Scottish singer songwriter tells readers:

We were in Los Angeles last week and I feel that i’m just getting over my jetlag. It’s hideous.

I was excited about going to America as this time I was 21 and could go out to bars with all the guys. I was quite gutted that I didn’t get ID’d!!!

So the night we arrived me and the guys all went for dinner at the Chateau Marmont. Chris and Shannon paid for my dinner for my birthday and Matt gave me one of the funniest presents I have ever received. It was a set of coasters each with a picture of one of the guys on them. All very bad pictures might I add. Particularly Adam’s. Poor Adam ;-) Although the best part of the present is a jigsaw of Frankie(the best monitor man in the world!) Frankie is hilarious and so is this picture of his face! Now I have it in jigsaw form.

We had such a nice dinner and cocktails but I have to say I prefer New York to LA. LA just seems so spaced out, you never actually feel that you’re in the city. I like to have stuff going on around me. As soon as we arrived in Amsterdam this evening, I totally relaxed cos it was busy and there were people about, I’m prefer that when I’m staying somewhere.

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