Amy Macdonald Talks About Her Sparkly Mic

Amy Macdonald talks about the Shure mic she customized is answering fan questions with video clips at her official web site. The first comes from Stacey Kendall, who asked where she gets her sparkly microphone from.

“It’s just a generic mic by a company called Shure that we have customized. We now have a Scottish flag and a custom design on it, so it’s definitely one of a kind. I’m not sure there are many other ones like it.”

Video of the brief message has since been removed.

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One thought on “Amy Macdonald Talks About Her Sparkly Mic

  1. gabriel boissard says:

    Amy macdonald je m’entraîne à la batterie je suis les cour de mon prof
    que je travaille je fait deveunir comme toi j’aimerai deveunir Chanteur
    à la guitare je fait bientôt enseigner la Guitare je te donne mon portable
    qu’ont puissent communoqué au téléphone
    j’écoute de tes CD que tu à fait comme projet C’est géniale

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