An Honest Review Of The Onyx Hotel Tour

I saw the Britney Spears concert here in Atlanta last night. I was 18th row on the floor.

But before I go on I have to comment on what type of people I saw. Most of the audience was young teens to middle-aged people, men and women. I saw a good amount of parents with small children that later walked out after Britney performed ‘Touch of My Hand’ and ‘Breathe On Me’, which I would have taken my child out at the beginning rather then after it was over. Yes, Britney sat in a glass tub and simulated masturbation and her dancers did the same, only on beds. It was very Madonna-like. Other than those two songs Britney did nothing else very risque. She danced her butt off and seemed to be doing very well after her knee injury. I would tell all but then that would ruin it all for those brave enough to go to the “raunch fest”, as some critic referred to it.

Other things that went on to note. I met Britney’s tour director, very nice guy. And E-Jay Day from the first American Idol was there. My friends and I talked to him a bit. Also, Joey Fatone’s brother was there, he has something to do with her show but I am not sure what, maybe the lighting.

Just want to note about what a young girl, about six was wearing; less than Britney! She was wearing some top that only covered her chest and a little skirt, I was appalled! Sad thing was, she was with her mom! I do not get parents that let their kids walk around dressed like a $5 hooker. It is one thing when you are older but not when you are barely out of diapers.

Overall, I enjoyed the show and I from other talk I heard walking out, the feeling was mutual. If you love Britney and love an entertaining concert, go see it. ‘Shadow’ was the best performance, very beautiful. Sure she lip-synced(sp) but I would like to see someone dance like that and sing decently.

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