Ana Matronic Blasts Stick Thin Celebs

Scissor Sisters’ singer Ana Matronic tells Grazia that celebrities doing anything to avoid having an ounce of fat is a blow to feminists. “It’s a kick in the teeth to all those women who worked so hard to improve our rights,” she said. “It is just getting out of control.”

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2 thoughts on “Ana Matronic Blasts Stick Thin Celebs

  1. Lucy says:

    Ana Matronic is one fat and obese tranny!
    Fu** she’s gross!

  2. Becky says:

    @ Lucy:

    Could you be any more offensive? (or wrong?)
    Firstly, she’s not fat. At least, not by any standards but Hollywood’s disgusting, anorexia-driven ones.
    Secondly, to call her a ‘tranny’ is offensive to both the entire transgender community, and to people who have the human decency to sympathize with them.
    And finally, I don’t see why she’s ‘gross’. If it’s based on these comments, I think she’s completely justified in standing up to the horrific standards ‘celebrities’ are asked to conform to. She’s right, it is a kick in the teeth to all the feminists who worked to give us equal rights to live and love as we want. And is it’s because of her looks, then I lose all hope for you, because you’re clearly someone who has such a narrow view of beauty you can’t appreciate a beautiful, sincere woman who’s standing up being herself.

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