Ana Obregon Fires Back At Posh

TV host Ana Obregon is firing back at former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham to News of the World after the pair had a fierce argument at a gym in Madrid. “Posh is not a real woman. She is arrogant with a foul way of speaking,” Obregon fumed. “The difference between me and her is that I’m an intellectual. I’m one of the most successful women on Spanish TV – I don’t need any man beside me to shine…unlike her.”

Louis Walsh Concerned About Posh Taking His Job

The Sun reports that Louis Walsh has voiced his concerns over rumors Victoria Beckham is set to replace him as a judge on ‘X Factor’. “I’ve heard Posh Spice is taking my job. That’s bad,” Walsh said. “I’ve also read that Jeremy Clarkson is going to take over, and that could be even worse!”

Posh Lashes Out At Middle-Aged Actress In Madrid

The Mirror reports that Victoria Beckham told 50-year-old actress Ana Obregon to leave her husband David Beckham alone during an argument in the corridor of a swanky Madrid sports club.

“Why would he be interested in an old lady like you,” the former Spice Girl said to Obregon, tired of hearing rumors linking the woman to her husband. “Leave my husband alone.” Posh added that the woman, dressed in hot pants, to “go get some clothes on and act your age.”

An onlooker remarked, “Victoria’s comments were hilarious. Ana’s the joke of the Madrid social scene and a lot of people were delighted to see her being cut down to size.”

The article at has since been removed.

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