Anastacia Records ‘Stalemate’ With Ben’s Brother

Ben's Brother

Ben’s Brother are out with an exclusive look at behind the scenes footage from their recording of the new single ‘Stalemate’, where they were joined by Anastacia. “I’m just sort of bringing another layer,” said in the video. “He wanted it to be a duet and I’m very grateful that he asked me to do it. I felt very connected the minute I heard the song. It didn’t feel like a far stretch for me, even though I think that my fans might sometimes go, ‘Oh wow.’ I just sing songs. That’s what I do.” Watch the video below the cut.

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One thought on “Anastacia Records ‘Stalemate’ With Ben’s Brother

  1. tess says:

    The new Ben’s Brother track Stalemate is Fantastic.
    Just heard it on Radio 2. Jamie’s lyric’s shine. And an
    inspired choice of Duet partner. ( Anastacia What a Voice, head and shoulder’s above half the top 40).
    These are the type of songs we need to hear on radio
    at the moment.

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