Ane Brun Tapped To Join Peter Gabriel On His ‘New Blood Tour’

has been invited to join Peter Gabriel on his ‘New Blood Tour’, which will hit Europe, Canada and the US this spring. Gabriel and a large orchestra will perform songs from his new album ‘Skratch My Back’ and also a set of classic Peter Gabriel songs in an orchestral setting. Gabriel discovered Brun when they both performed at the Nelson Mandela ‘46664’ concert in Tromsø, Norway, in 2005.

Ane, on tour in Spain at the moment, said of the opportunity:

I’m very honored to go on tour with Peter Gabriel. I’ve listened to his music ever since I was ten years old and borrowed my older brother’s ‘So’ album. Many of his songs are absolute favorites of mine! I deeply respect him as a songwriter, musician and also his engagement in societal and human rights issues.

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2 thoughts on “Ane Brun Tapped To Join Peter Gabriel On His ‘New Blood Tour’

  1. Tor says:

    Ane Brun will not _open_ for Gabriel but sing with him on stage.
    “… Ane Brun will be joining Peter and Melanie Gabriel on stage.”
    “… She has been invited to join Peter Gabriel’s band as a singer on his “New Blood Tour”.”

  2. popdirt says:

    okay thanks for the clarification

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