Angel Carter Speaks Out Against Her Mother?

, sister of star and , reportedly posted on her official board several times tonight under her user name “Angel”, and proceeded to tell everyone that her “*****ty mom [Jane] has kept her from going to any of her brother’s shows this summer” along with another comment where she said after being asked if she’s been touring with Aaron: “Hey everyone I want you to all know that I have not been on the tour at all. I haven’t even seen the show yet. My mom won’t let me on the tour. Me and my mom don’t even speak anymore.” Jane and Bob Carter are currently involved in a bitter separation after Bob was arrested earlier this month for domestic battery.

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7 thoughts on “Angel Carter Speaks Out Against Her Mother?

  1. crazystuff129 says:

    In my opinion..Jane needs to let Aaron see his brother and sisters! seriously.. Angel and her mom don’t even talk!?! well that’s really bad..but I wouldn’t blame Angel..since she wont let Angel or any of the other siblings see their brother! But Jane needs to let Aaron live his own life! she’s not protecting him in anyway or anything..this is really bad media stuff for her…and somehow it could affect Aaron..but people would feel sorry for him

  2. XxmissyxX says:

    damn she said her “shi**y” mom. ooh that’s one lil bitch. hehe. no I feel her pain..her mom must have really done something bad if she hates her that much. Jane seems like someone who would take all her kids money and you use their fame for her benefit. I wonder how Nick feels about all this. that’s crazy…all their family problems out in the public like that. that sucks! well lil angel there ain’t helping by sh** talking out loud.

  3. saji says:

    Like I said before you all DON’T know the whole story. Stop trashing people you don’t know. is a FAN site….made by fans and ran by fans. I really don’t think Angel would go on a site and trash her own mom. This is a hard time for this family. Everyone needs to stop thinking they know it all and just pray for them.

  4. Lucky4UImMe says: isn’t a FAN site, made by fans,. it’s her official site. Made by her friend

  5. saji says:

    Think what you want to think. There’s more to the story then anyone knows. It’s a fan site.

  6. senoritax0 says:

    every carter kid dislikes that woman at some time.. I know for a fact Jane is a stage mom. she pushes those children into the business so she gets more money. just watch when Aaron is 18 he’s gone all the kids are almost legal and will be gone soon enough

  7. saji says:

    all kids rebel against their parents at one time or another. I know I did. Jane is a great mom. She DIDN’T push her kids in the business…they WANTED it and she supported them. I don’t see anything Jane Carter is doing wrong.

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