Angel Carter To Become A Recording Artist

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Angel Carter, the sister of popstars Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys and solo singer Aaron Carter is about to start her first album soon. Her official website reveals that she is “in talks with record label and is planning to become a recording artist“.

According to the website Nick will help Angel to manage her album and possibly write some songs for her.

The site adds that Nick already wrote a song for Angel called ‘True’. As Nick has already worked with Angel’s twin, Aaron Carter, we expect him to work too with Angel on her upcoming album.

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6 thoughts on “Angel Carter To Become A Recording Artist

  1. KeysGurl305 says:

    Nick didn’t write “TRUE” for Angel it was for his OTHER sister LESLIE! …..I think she’ll do good, I’ve never heard her sing before but ALL the Carter Kids are talented anyways!

  2. popdirt-rocks says:

    omg I heard that terrible news like one month ago and I died in front of my screen… lol she can be a model for sure, she’s thin but please not a singer ! not another Carter ! Leslie is wonderful, she’s just not an average girl, angel is an average girl, she’s got nothing new to offer I can tell… OMG I don’t know what to say, I’m a huge Carter fan, I got a website but I don’t like angel, she’s acting like she’s already a star, she’s done nothing but 2 or 3 pics that sucks… well it’s my opinion, don’t insult me, please I’m just making a comment. The carters rock but not all of them ! :-) and I just wanted to add that ‘true’ is a song Nick wrote for her sister, yes but not angel, it was for Leslie !

  3. KeysGurl305 says:

    ^how do you know she can’t be a singer since you’ve never heard her sing b4?’, ‘see Angel stays in the spotlight MORE than Leslie does. Angel is probably more famous than Leslie and she’s just a model! But I think she might be good at singing, I wont say for sure because I’ve never heard her sing before.

  4. Jaggie says:

    I bet she can’t even sing. Nick is the only one of the Carter kids who can sing really well. Aaron is ok, Leslie was terrible (that’s why she got dropped from her record company), and Angel will be worse.

  5. linny719 says:

    I Hope she can at least sing in tune…cause Aaron certainly has quite a pitch problem there…! Or is this another nepotism deal in the works.

  6. kellyismad says:

    Glad I’m not the only one who knows that “True” was written for Leslie. I hope things work out for Angel better then they did for her.

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