Angel Carter To Launch Revamped Website With New Address

Contributed by popdirt-rocks:

Ashley, who was the webmaster of Angel Carter’s official website just announced that she had closed She also says that Angel’s model agency will have another official one open very soon at Since she’s also a singer now, they want very professional and big stuff. Check it out soon.

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2 thoughts on “Angel Carter To Launch Revamped Website With New Address

  1. Elperro1 says:

    The Carter family is a joke and don’t get me started on the fakest group in music industry history(BSB) the biggest joke of them all is Nick Carter. What was he thinking with NON. The album was just an insult to music. Nick Carter voice was so awful that it made Marvin Gaye John Lennon and Elvis Presley (sorry if I spelled it wrong) turn over on their grave

  2. FluffyAngel41387 says:

    Whoa…I think that the Carter’s have shown that they are human and as humans we all make mistakes. None of us are perfect nor have perfect families. As for BSB, they are a fine musical group and have worked very hard to prove to all. Ten years of performing and recording says it all. If not for BSB other groups would not have made it and if you really look they used some of the same writers that BSB had and followed BSB and didn’t have to work as hard as BSB did. They were basically handed a career because of the guys and the teens wanting more. As for Nick’s Now or Never CD I really think it was a good cd. I do think that Jive should of let Nick pick what songs he wanted to put out as a single and by doing so it would have sold more. Also Jive did not back Nick as promised. Jive has basically used their artists to make a name for the company and put money into their corporate pockets. As for Marvin Gaye, John Lennon and Elvis…I think they would be very supportive of Nick and BSB talents. Everyone has talent and it is a gift that they have been blessed to share it with us all.

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