Angelique Sabrina On Her Ian Somerhalder Crush & Shopping Impulses

Angelique Sabrina, photographed in front of a graffiti wall, did 20 questions about a celebrity crush, a most embarrassing on-stage moment and loving to shop for clothes

Angelique did a round of 20 questions with Hollywire, which included her most embarrassing moment on stage, how Ian Somerhalder is her celebrity crush, being someone who likes to splurge on clothing, preferring One Direction to Big Time Rush, loving to shop for clothing, meeting the and wanting to appear on ‘Jersey Shore’.

Talking about the on-stage moment that left her most red faced, Angelique said, “When I was like eight, I put myself in a talent competition. It was like a pageant, so they said what’s your favorite color and I stood there for like 30 seconds, and I was like uh… purple.”

Talking about her celeb crush being ‘Lost’ actor Ian Somerhalder, she said, “I love Ian Somerhalder. I actually got to meet him a few days ago. I freaked out.”

“I’m a clothes person. I like to shop,” Angelique confessed. “If I get money in my hands, the first place I’m going is a store.”

Watch the rapid-fire video segment via YouTube below.

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