Anna Nalick Celebrates 21st Birthday

Anna Nalick music

checked in with fans on her official website on Tuesday (April 5). The singer/songwriter writes:

Guess who’s a busy girl?! I can’t believe the record comes out in only weeks now (I just did a little dance in my chair). As a few of you know, I turned 21 on March 30. I flew from Seattle to Tucson that day and had my first legal adult beverage in the airport. Ok, truth? I don’t drink or even like alcohol much, so after one Fruity Tuti Long Island Wallbanger On The Beach (or something) I just really needed a nap. I celebrated my birthday this past weekend with my family, and my Mom popped a celebratory bottle of champagne. We all had a glass with dinner (I drank half a glass), and then I marveled over that weird ‘can’t feel my nose thing’ and fell asleep on the couch while everyone else ate birthday cake. I am SO not a rockstar.

Nalick’s debut ‘Wreck Of The Day’ is out April 19th. The full story at has since been removed.

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