Anna Nicole Smith And Britney Spears Captivate Media

David Hinckley of The New York Daily News profiled the public’s attention received by the death of Anna Nicole Smith and the drama surrounding in his column on Sunday. “Anna and Britney, between them, created enough noise that most media – including outlets that probably would have preferred to stay clear – were pulled right in alongside the rest of us,” he writes. “‘The Insider’ and ‘Entertainment Tonight’ were there, sure, but now so was Wolf Blitzer from CNN’s higher-brow ‘Situation Room’. There were Sean Hannity of Fox News and Joe Scarborough of MSNBC, analyzing testimony in the Smith case as intently as they parse Iraqi war resolutions.”

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One thought on “Anna Nicole Smith And Britney Spears Captivate Media

  1. cao says:

    i kinda think they are on or were on the same page she is trying to clean it up a bit wicth is good,

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