Anne Mie Blasts Sophie Ellis Bextor

The Glasgow Daily Record reports dance act beauty Anne Mie Coenen has branded the biggest bitch in pop music. “When I duet with someone it has to be a nice person so that I can have a good time,” the 25-year-old remarked. “Sophie Ellis-Bextor is an unfriendly person and even looks unfriendly. Everyone in the music business tells me that she isn’t a very nice person, that she is the biggest bitch in pop music. I don’t like big heads and I don’t know why she thinks she is so great. There is no way I would duet with her.”

Sophie Ellis Bextor Fumes Over Removed Album Tracks

November 2, 2003 – Sophie has voiced disgust on her official website over two tracks being removed from the European release of her new album ‘Shoot From The Hip’. Getting the axe are ‘Making Music’ and ‘I Won’t Dance With You’. She told fans on her forum, “I hate the fact that the UK version has more tracks. I am contractually obliged to remove tracks for outside the UK. It is absurd to create an album then take away part of it. It’s something to do with royalties. I didn’t know they’d removed the hidden track too, though, cheeky morons. I am really sorry you are the ones who suffer.”

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2 thoughts on “Anne Mie Blasts Sophie Ellis Bextor

  1. perfectly-imperfect says:

    Um, I think that crown belong to the one and only, the very forgettable, Christina Aguilera. Hands down.

  2. pete says:

    I’ve heard of Sophie Ellis Bextor.
    I’ve never heard of Annie Mie Coenen. I’ve Googled her…and nothing comes up. What a sad cow.

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