Annie Back In Berlin, Loads Up On New Instruments

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@anniemusic) on Wednesday (December 3). The Norwegian pop singer tells readers:

Just had a really nice dinner… mmmmh,tunasalad. Back in Berlin, home sweet home. Well, not that sweet these days. It’s cold here.. winter, but no snow like in Helsinki, just grey. But I’ve been doing lot of fun things. Had a really fun gig at Erottaja in Helsinki. It’s this small bar, but really really nice. Was playing with 2 local DJs.. great. The finns are the best. Party Anniemals.

I also bought myself a lot of nu instruments (kaosspad, kaossilator, a Joe Meek vocal processor etc), so doing some music on my own at the moment. hehe… love it. Makes the winter a little less grey.

Right now I’m listening to Glass Candy. Really big fan of them. Next week they’re playing live in Berlin… can’t wait to see them:-) I’ve heard they’re suppose to be really good!!!

Wanna thank you all for your support on me leaving Island.. had so much mails and comments. But it’s all been good, really happy for that :-) Means a lot to me. At the moment we’re preparing the release of Ánthonio.. for beginning of 2009. There’s gonna be 2 remixes. One by Designer Drugs, some American guys, and then there’ll be a remix by my all time favorite Fred Falke!!! Ánthonio.. is in need of a french kiss:-) So it’s all very exiting… I’m also preparing another release coming out just after Anthonio… so busy busy bee.

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