Annie Lennox Clarifies Position On Israel’s Gaza Invasion

Annie Lennox updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@annielennox) on Sunday (January 4). The singer told readers:

As you are probably aware, I’ve been pretty busy over the last few days, talking to media and press with regard to the dire situation in Gaza.

I want to make my position crystal clear.

I am making a plea on behalf of innocent civilians. ALL innocent civilians on BOTH sides.
Now that Israeli ground forces have entered Gaza, there is only one guarantee.. ABSOLUTE CARNAGE.

How can this strategy ever contribute to the creation of lasting peace, security and stability for Israeli citizens, Palestinian citizens, or citizens of the world???

As of yesterday, a tragic giant step was taken backwards and further away from peaceful conflict resolution.

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18 thoughts on “Annie Lennox Clarifies Position On Israel’s Gaza Invasion

  1. Elad Shalev says:

    What do you know about this conflict? Pay a visit to the poor Israeli children that suffer from a constant fire aimed at THEM and only THEM by the Palestinians terror groups. 8 years we did nothing and gave them chances to stop, 8 years!!! Do you think that your country will except such a situation for such a long time?! I don’t think so. Children on both sides are getting injured and even killed, and trust me, no one in Israel wants it. Children in Israel, who are today 8 years old, know only that! They cannot even play in the kindergarten like any other normal kid! So don’t just throw word to the air, it helps no one! Check the facts and then see how surprised you will be. Don’t believe all you see on television!! Israel is attacking the terror groups, unfortunately the Hamas “heroes” are hiding behind kids. Should I remind what England did to Dresden? What Russia did in Georgia? Before you preach to one side or another check the facts.

    We all in Israel want peace, but enough is ENOUGH! We cannot tolerate any attempt to hurt our civilians! The Gaza people are hostages by Hamas and unfortunately they suffer at the moment.

    With hope for better days, in Israel and Gaza,

    Elad Shalev,

    Jerusalem, Israel.

  2. Kathy says:

    Annie Lennox, I used to admire your singing, but from now on I will turn off the radio or television whenever you appear. Where were you when our children were suffering from almost daily Kassam attacks, when our people in the South were living in daily fear of their lives? Did you then speak about the need for peace and express concern for the people living in danger? I don’t believe that you would sit quietly if kids from your neighborhood threw stones at you gate every day for 8 days – how would you feel if your home was being bombed every day for 8 years!? The fact that so few people were killed during that time was only due to the fact that the Hamas was still relatively inexperienced – but never mind, their aim is getting better and if we don’t stop them they will reach Tel-Aviv and kill more people. Is that what you want? Would you protest then, or would that also not be a good enough reason to go to war? You should be asking why your government and other governments in Europe are sponsoring education in the region which teaches tiny tots how to murder Jews; which teaches them that murder of Israelis and the annihilation of Israel is their ultimate goal in life; that they are born to be Shahids and blow themselves up in Israeli buses and restaurants; that it is good to die for Allah! As a mother and as a human being, I will not allow my family to be used as target practice by a terrorist group hell-bent on our annihilation – and neither would you! Lasting peace? Right now I am not sure if we will survive the next few months. Lasting peace is a privilege we will probably never know, largely thanks to uneducated fools like you with knee-jerk reactions to the media instead of informed decisions.

  3. Jerry says:

    Annie, if you are going to speak out on this topic, please educate yourself a bit more. I suggest you start by reading the Hamas charter — all of it — which is available easily by Googling it. Look at the outrageous statements Hamas makes, and how clear and open they are about their goals of destroying Israel by violence and even, yes, their anti-Semitic statements (read the charter to see what I’m referring to — you will agree this is not “just” anti-Israelism).

    You need to understand the nature and clear declared goals of the enemy that is attacking Israel in order to understand the situation and take a position on it.

  4. Jack says:

    Shame on you Annie Lennox.

  5. David Babel says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Take the time to educate yourself a bit before you step on to the world stage. I too will take a pass on your music from now on. Your actions are simply irresponsible.

  6. Helena Elias says:

    I don’t know why you guys are hard on her. She is concerned about innocent civilians on BOTH sides caught in the conflict.

    Way to go Annie!!

  7. Kathy says:

    Helen, NOW she is concerned, when Israel is finally responding after 8 years of being used for target practice by Hamas. Where was she then, why was she silent when it was only Israelis being fired on? If she was really concerned about innocent civilians getting hurt, she should have spoken out and maybe tried to do something about the situation before Israel had exhausted all other possible avenues and were forced to shoot back!

  8. Lori says:

    I am very disappointed in you, Annie. I agree that diplomacy would have been the best way to deal with this…in an ideal world. But Hamas aren’t willing to talk. I am an American Israeli and also horrified by the bloodshed in Gaza. But I know that Israeli has an absolute, indisputable right to defend itself….and we’ve waited too long. Obviously I would have preferred that no innocent civilians were harmed on Gaza’s side as well, and that there were no homeless children.
    I am disappointed at your vehemence against Israel in the demonstrations because I was always such a fan of yours.
    May peace come soon. Lori

  9. Marc Richards says:

    It’s very clear after 8 years of bombardment against Israel by various Islamic terrorist groups why Annie Lennox has decided to speak out in support of Hamas. The reason? She’s just recently been dropped by her record company and the hits have all dried up. So when the hits are no longer around to get you into the public eye what do you do? Simple really you latch onto a controversial conflict such as the Middle East conflict, make a few contentious remarks in support of the aggressor and before you know it you’ve got lot’s publicity. We see this a lot with people in music and film whose glory days are behind them so it should come as no surprise with Annie Lennox. Of course when she had hits years ago and the attention of the media she didn’t give two hoots about the Israeli/ Palestinian conflict which shows her ignorance in her current utterances.

  10. Barry says:

    I used to be an Annie Lennox fan. Not any more, because I hate hypocrisy and ignorant blathering by uneducated people who don’t every try to obtain the facts. I could go over what I mean but the other posters here have done a fine job of it.

    I owned one Eurythmics cassette (yes I still have a cassette tape deck :) ) and one Annie Lennox CD and I’ve broken them both and thew them in the garbage.

    I’m from Canada and if Lennox ever shows her face here I will do everything in my power to organize a protest at whatever venue she performs at. As for Israel, I hope they declare her a persona non grata.

    Lennox, where have you been for the past 8 years when Palestinian terrorists were firing rockets at Israeli towns and villages? And before that, where were you during the early 2000’s when Hamas suicide bombings (with Hamas proudly claiming responsibility by the way) were commonplace? You weren’t protesting then, were you? You truly disgust me.

  11. Sal says:

    What do you expect? Most pop culture celebrities, especially in Europe, are liberals who will NEVER try to understand the reason behind any conflict. Their blind eyes will only allow them to see conflicts in terms of David and Goliath. Even if David is 100% wrong, liberal guilt will always side with David because war is never justified, especially if poor people die.

    People dying in sovereign countries, like Israel, is unimportant to socialist liberals because the dead are simply not poor enough to warrant their outrage. The liberal mind forgoes common sense and reasoning, but instead instantly gives the moral high ground to the least powerful group simply because they are poor, regardless of their behavior. This is EXACTLY why no one in Europe is doing anything about the Somali Pirates and the fighting in Burma and other countries. Poor people killing poor people is morally OK.

  12. slapme10 says:

    Annie Lennox is just a Jew hating anti-Semite. On top of that she is one UGLY BITCH!

  13. Rami says:

    I salute you Annie on your courageous stand, and you all you haters, go screw yourself!!!
    really?? you compare stones thrown by children to depleted uranium bombarded by air, ground etc…???
    and about the gate excuse, how about you move the fu** out of their land and they won’t be at your gate, eh??
    finally Gaza,and what happened after with the flotilla just gave (if needed)another example of Jews inhumanity
    you’ll loose in the end (remember 2006 Lebanon disaster)???stay tuned for more disasters until ALL Palestine is freed

  14. Sami says:

    Annie Lennox is clearly a raving anti-Semite like so many in Britain. She is critical of the right for Jews to defend their people against HAMAS (who admit they want to exterminate all Jews, which would include her Jewish husband) and Iranian supported rocket attacks. It’s OK for Britain to have defended themselves against NAZI Germany and to slaughter innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan but it is a crime for the Jews to defend themselves.
    Like all anti-Semites she then has the impertinence to deny it.
    The British should clean their own dirty laundry first. No wonder Britain has become the TOILET OF EUROPE.

  15. Joe says:

    You are a fool. I am writing this 2 years after the war. Before the war, Hamas attacked Israel 30 times per day. After the invasion, relative quiet. Hamas started the war. Israel won this round. Keep up the good work. Obama has destroyed any chance for negotiations. The next round will unite Hamas, Hezbollah, and Fatah

  16. Edwin Rowe says:

    I haven’t forgotten Annie Lennox’ harsh attack on Israel either. I agree with the comments here. Not a word from her when Arabs attacked Israel for years with rockets. Then outrage when Israel finally responds. And it was NOT “absolute carnage”. Over a thousand Gazans were killed and the great majority were Hamas soldiers dressed in civilian clothes, and of course, counted as civilians by the anti-Israel crowd. I will never support anything involving Annie Lennox.

  17. Max London says:

    To all those who are so hard on Annie for speaking out about the harm being done to BOTH sides of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict – you should remember that Israel is in fact occupying Palestinian land and has displaced families that have lived there for generations. And their claim to the right to do so? The words spoken by a mythological figure in a fairytale. There will be no peace on this planet until ALL its inhabitants GROW UP and leave their silly religions and superstitions to children!

  18. Jabezclegg says:

    I echo Edwin Rowe’s comment above. Along with clarifying your views on Israel and the Palestinians, I think it would have been a good idea to dissociate yourself from the likes of Alexei Sayle, the original self hating Jew, Ken Livingstone, George Galloway and the rest of the one sided Stop the War Coalition. Their current collective silence and inability to raise a single placard in protest of the violence and atrocities in certain Middle East countries speaks volumes.

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