Annie Lennox: ‘Godfather 2’ A Masterpiece In Every Way

Lennox played the role of movie reviewer in her latest blog at MySpace (@annielennox) on Monday (August 3). The Eurythmics singer writes:

I watched The Godfather2 the other night…( for some weird reason it’s the first time I’ve seen it.) How could that be??!! It’s extraordinary. A masterpiece in every way. And as for Robert de Niro, and Al Pacino are incredible. They both use hand gestures and facial expressions that are so understated that they’re almost imperceptible…yet at the same time, deeply weighted in subliminal undertone…and Pacino’s eyes are as cold as a fish the whole way brilliant. It’s wonderful to discover a film that probably most of the western world has seen many times…except me…and find it completely transporting.

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