Annie Lennox: HIV/AIDS Pandemic Has Become A Women’s Issue

Lennox updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@annielennox) on Wednesday (March 3), discussing her “magical mystery tour for the last six days” as she works to educate people about the impact HIV/AIDS has on women. The Eurythmics singer writes:

I want the world to understand the extent that the HIV and AIDS pandemic has become a WOMEN’S issue. And I still don’t think that people in general have much idea about it…ie.. UNAIDS has clearly stated that AIDS RELATED ILLNESSES ARE THE MAJOR CAUSE OF DEATH OF WOMEN OF REPRODUCTIVE AGE IN THE WORLD.

That’s staggeringly significant, but the message isn’t getting through.

And as much as the media have their gripes about “celebrity endorsement” (which I totally understand from a certain perspective)… I’d really like to see them come up to the plate with this.

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2 thoughts on “Annie Lennox: HIV/AIDS Pandemic Has Become A Women’s Issue

  1. stdslove says:

    We need HIV/AIDS education. It’s very important!! CDC has granted CSU $1.9M for HIV/AIDS education.
    The number of members on the largest HIV dating&support site == (if I spell the site correctly) has reached 500,000 members
    OMG! Why so many guys and girls on the site are very sexy? Why so many people are infected by HIV? There is no
    doubt that we need SEX-ED

  2. Angie Hendrickson says:

    March 10 is US Ntl. Women and girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.Every 35 minutes a woman becomes infected with HIV in the US.See link below for info/facts:
    Yes, indeed this has become a women’s issue and we must stand together! Thanks Annie!!!!!
    good discussion at link below: my comments #41, explains my involvement…

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