Annie Lennox Reacts To Barack Obama’s Victory

Lennox checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@annielennox) on Wednesday (November 5), reacting to Tuesday night’s U.S. elections. The singer writes:

What can be said???… RESULT!!!
I am thrilled beyond measure… not only that Barack Obama has been elected president, but also because of what he represents. Over the centuries so much wealth and power has been created from the brutal exploitation of indigenous people, and the slave trade. That is what “colonialism” is all about. I have always longed for justice and equality, in a world that is too often racist, bigoted and divided unfairly. Dr Martin Luther King’s life was devoted to making his “dream” of change turn into a reality. And now we actually have a black president! To witness the crowds of US citizens of all “colors” standing united, shoulder to shoulder, was simply breathtaking. It’s time for America to be the “United” states… forward thinking… progressive and inclusive. Maybe now, that change can come.

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