Annie Lennox Reflects On International Women’s Day

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@annielennox) on Monday (March 8), which was International Women’s Day, using the opportunity to reiterate the attention people should heed towards HIV/AIDS amongst women, especially in the developing world. The Eurythmics singer writes:

It was great to be out there “on the bridge” today to mark the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day. And I was very glad and delighted that Sarah Brown personally joined in… First of all, because she can set the tone by standing up, and speaking out for women’s rights, and also because she sets an example to the wives of other International political leaders, who could all use their platform to extend allegiance and solidarity in the demand for women’s rights.

It has to be understood, that, for the most part, women who’ve been brought up in Western countries have generally had a very different up bringing and life style from the sisterhood of the South.

My travels to Uganda, Kenya,South Africa, Morocco, Brazil, Mexico, the Caribbean, and various parts of Asia have given me an insight into the lives of girls and women living in the extremely challenging circumstances of chronic poverty… and this has changed my concept of “normal”…

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